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Contact: Cesira Ruggiero (President)

Phone: 215-508-3900
Fax: 215-508-3800


Annual Inspection: Inspection of inlet devices, manholes, pre-treatment unit and outlet control structure; draw-down monitoring; preparation of inspection report.

Annual Maintenance: Removal of debris and sediment from inlet devices and outlet control structure. Perform minor repairs to system components.
Flush & Vacuum of Infiltration Basin. Periodic cleaning of accumulated sediment and debris from the infiltration pipe manifold system. This is typically performed by flushing the system to a collection point & removing the water & debris by use of a vactor truck. We will perform as needed; we anticipate that this service will be needed at 4-6 year intervals.

Additional Company Information

Additional non-routine services. Occasional additional services are required by the Operation & Maintenance Agreement and will be invoiced on an as-needed basis in accordance with the attached fee schedule. SWS may elect to install debris collection systems in inlets located in high trash or sediment areas. This can help to keep trash out of the infiltration bed.

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